Commonly I see women in early pregnancy with nausea and vomiting, bleeding, headaches, indigestion etc. Then later in pregnancy I treat breech positions, raised blood pressure, itching, back and pelvic pain, fibroid pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, anxiety and being overdue. I also see women who have had a difficult time with a previous pregnancy to support them through this new pregnancy.

What I like about acupuncture treatment in pregnancy is that it also makes you feel better in yourself, gives you more energy, improves your sleep, leaves you feeling relaxed and this is a great preparation for the birth.

Induction of Labour
Start the treatment soon after going overdue to give time for 2-3 treatments, but it’s never too late to have a treatment it may still work and it helps with the issues raised for you in the build up to a potential medical induction. I also see women who will need to be induced early because of problems with themselves or the baby as it may help to prepare for this early intervention.

Breech Moxibustion
This treatment increases the chances of a baby turning into the correct head down position early treatment 32-34 weeks is more successful simply because there is more room for the baby to turn in, but it can work even very late in the pregnancy as long as there is still enough room for baby to turn in or it is not your first baby.

For complex issues bring your notes for me to see and I may need to co ordinate with your midwife or consultant obstetrician but we can chat about that.

Post natal Treatment
Is a real boost to recovery. After the total absorption of dealing with a new baby. What a great way to look after yourself, get you back on your feet and re-find the world. I also see women with post natal problems such as mastitis, anxiety and sleep problems, tiredness, pain, depression.

Birth Preparation with weekly sessions from 37 weeks gestation as a way to prepare your body for the process of birth and to enhance your well being. The intense relaxation from the acupuncture and increased energy also helps you in the run up to birth and a new baby.


You can feel happy to call me and we can talk about what you are needing, I will let you know if I feel I can help or what might be right for you.